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Anatomic Models
At Discounted Prices
3B BONElike™ Head Models Skeleton Models (Life size skeletons)
3B MICROanatomy™ Heart & Circulatory System Models Skeleton Models (Mini Skeletons)
3B SKINlike™ Joint Models Skin Models
Brain Models Lung Models Skull Models
Dental Models Muscle Models Spine Models
Digestive System Models Nervous System Models Torso Models
Ear, Nose & Throat Models Pregnancy Models Urinary System Models
Eye Models Skeleton Models (Individual Bones) Vertebra Models
Genital & Pelvis Models

Skin Models
Skin Section, 70 times full-size

Measurements: 26x33x5 cm

Skin Section, 70 times full-size
This relief model shows a section through the three layers of the hair-covered skin of the head. Delivered on base it shows:
• Representation of hair follicles with sebaceous glands
• Sweat glands
• Receptors
• Nerves
• Vessels
J10 Skin Section, 70 times full-size $94.08

Skin Section, 40 times full-size

Measurements: 24x15x3,5 cm

Skin Section, 40 times full-size
The two halves of this relief model show the three layers of hairy and hairless skin in order to make the differences clear. In detail with hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, receptor, nerves and vessels. Delivered on base.
J11 Skin Section, 40 times full-size $74.88

Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size

Measurements: 44x24x23 cm

Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size
This unique model shows a section of human skin in three dimensional form. Individual skin layers are differentiated, and important structures such as hair, sebaceous and sweat glands, receptors, nerves and vessels are shown in detail. Mounted on baseboard.
J13 Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size $292.80

Skin Section

Measurements: 10x12,5x14 cm

Skin Section
The model shows the microscopic structure of the skin in great detail. With the help of the different skin sections of the hairless skin (for example palm of hand) and the hairy skin (for example forearm) the different cell layers as well as the embedded sweat glands, touch receptor, blood vessels, nerves and a hair with root can be seen. Furthermore a nail section model on the base shows the nail plate, nail bed and the nail root. The representation of a hair root with all its cell layers completes the skin model.
J14 Skin Section $63.36

Skin Cancer Model

Measurements: 14x10x11,5 cm

Skin Cancer Model
This 3B Scientific® Pathology model shows 6 different stages of the malignant melanoma on the front and back, enlarged 8 times:
• healthy
• malignant cells are found at the surface, within the epidermis
• malignant cells fill the epidermis, a few invade the papillary layer
• malignant cells fill the papillary layer
• malignant cells invade the reticular layer
• malignant cells have reached the subcutaneous fatty tissue, satellite cells approach a vein

In the top view, the individual stages of externally visible skin changes are shown, allowing for an assessment according to the “ABCDE” criteria. The sides of the model show the various levels of invasion into the skin layers according to Clark (I-V) and the tumor thickness according to Breslow (in mm). 5 original color illustrations on the base show various types of malignant melanomas. Mounted on a base.
J15 Skin Cancer Model $61.44

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