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Anatomic Models
At Discounted Prices
3B BONElike™ Head Models Skeleton Models (Life size skeletons)
3B MICROanatomy™ Heart & Circulatory System Models Skeleton Models (Mini Skeletons)
3B SKINlike™ Joint Models Skin Models
Brain Models Lung Models Skull Models
Dental Models Muscle Models Spine Models
Digestive System Models Nervous System Models Torso Models
Ear, Nose & Throat Models Pregnancy Models Urinary System Models
Eye Models Skeleton Models (Individual Bones) Vertebra Models
Genital & Pelvis Models

3B MICROanatomy™
3B MICROanatomy™ Bone structure - 80 times enlarged

Measurements: 26x19x14,5 cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Bone structure - 80 times enlarged
This extremely detailed model depicts a three-dimensional section of a lamellar bone, showing a typical structure of a tubular bone enlarged 80 times. Various planes are shown in cross and longitudinal section through all levels of the bone, as well as a 2-plane section through the inner structure of the bone marrow. The typical elements of a lamellar bone are easily identified and help to understand its structure and function with the characteristic osteons, also referred to as Haversian systems. This model allows a graphic illustration of the interplay of the individual components, such as spongy and compact substance, endosteum, cortical substance, osteocytes, Volkmann and Haversian canals.
Supplied on base.
A79 3B MICROanatomy™ Bone structure - 80 times enlarged $130.56

3B MICROanatomy™ Eye

Measurements: 25x23x18,5cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Eye
The model illustrates the microscopic structure of the retina with choroid and sclera. The left block-like, layered side of the model side shows the complete structure of the retina including the supplying vascular layer and parts of the sclera from a light microscopic view.

The right part of the model is a sectional enlargement. It shows the microscopic structure of the photoreceptors and the cells of the pigmented layer.

Left part 850-times enlarged - right part 3800-times enlarged
F16 3B MICROanatomy™ Eye $291.84

3B MICROanatomy™ Artery and Vein -14-times enlarged

Measurements: 26x19x18,5 cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Artery and Vein -14-times enlarged
The model shows a medium-sized muscular artery with two adjacent veins from the antebrachial area with adjoining fat tissue and muscle enlarged 14 times. The model illustrates the reciprocal anatomical relationship of artery and vein and the basic functional techniques of the venous valves (“valve function” and “muscle pump”).

The left vein and the middle artery are fenestrated in the upper anterior segment, revealing the various layers of the wall structure in a cross and longitudinal section and in top view.

The right vein is opened throughout in the anterior segment, revealing the orifice of a feeder vein and two venous valves, i.e. “flap valves” formed by a duplication of the tunica intima.

On the rear of the model, the relief of two veins is shown to illustrate the functional aspect of the venous valves.

Supplied on base.
G42 3B MICROanatomy™ Artery and Vein -14-times enlarged $291.84

3B MICROanatomy™ Kidney

Measurements: 23,5x25,5x19 cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Kidney
This extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney greatly magnified. Six model zones illustrate the following fine-tissue structures that serve the production of urine:
• Longitudinal section of a kidney
• Section of renal cortex and renal medulla.
• Wedge-shaped section of a kidney lobe with a diagrammatic depiction of three nephrons with Henle’s loops of different lengths and diagrammatic depiction of the vascular supply
• Diagrammatic illustration of a nephron with a short Henle’s loop and didactic/diagrammatic illustration of the vascular supply
• Diagrammatic illustration of an opened renal corpuscle with nephron and light-microscopic transverse sections of the proximal, attenuated and distal segments of a renal tubule
• Diagrammatic/didactic illustration of an opened renal corpuscle
Mounted on a base.

Part a) natural size
b) 8-times magnified
c, d, e) diagrammatic illustration
f) 100-times magnified
K13 3B MICROanatomy™ Kidney $262.08

3B MICROanatomy™ Digestive System - 20-times magnified

Measurements: 29,5x26x18,5 cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Digestive System - 20-times magnified
The model illustrates the structure of the fine tissues of four characteristics sections of the digestive system:

• Esophagus
• Stomach
• Small intestine
• Large intestine

The front of the model, from top to bottom, shows a magnified view in histological section of the individual sections of the digestive system and their fine tissue structures.On the back of the model, highly magnified views of didactically interesting areas of each of the digestive system sections shown on the front are emphasized.
K23 3B MICROanatomy™ Digestive System - 20-times magnified $267.84

3B MICROanatomy™ Liver

Measurements: 15x26x18,5 cm

3B MICROanatomy™ Liver
This 2-part model shows a highly magnified diagrammatic view of a section of the liver. It illustrates the structure of the functional and structural components of the liver in two different enlargements.The left part of the model shows a section of the liver that comprises several liver lobules. The right part of the mode is a highly magnified view of the sectioned liver lobule on the left.

Left part: 60-times magnified - right part 200-times magnified
K24 3B MICROanatomy™ Liver $266.88

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