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Orthopedic Equipment » De Soutter Orthopedic Equipment

De Soutter Orthopedic Equipment

De Soutter CC4 Cast Saw

De Soutter CC4 Cast Saw
The CC4 with its powerful 110 watt motor maintains rapid and efficient cutting on the thickest of body casts.

The knurled grip close to the saw blade provides the operator with excellent control and flexibility of movement An optional clear polycarbonate extraction hood which ensures good visibility when cutting. The hood is fully rotatable to suit the most convenient cutting position
CC4 saw specification:
  • High oscillating speed: 14000 osc/min.
  • Voltage: 230 V or 120 V
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Length: 333 mm
  • Sound level: 70 dB(A)
*Please note that with the CC4 saw there is the option to connect to an extraction system.
CC4 CC4 Cast Saw $1,485.00 Call to Order

De Soutter CSB Battery powered cast saw

De Soutter CSB cast saw Case

De Soutter CSB Battery powered cast saw
The CSB Battery Cast Saw offers complete freedom of movement for cast removal. Using the latest NiMH battery technology, the CSB is powerful enough to deal with the toughest casts, yet lightweight and quiet for precision cutting. The CSB is a perfect option for off-site casting or as a back up for the busy cast technician.

The system is supplied complete, including 2 batteries, a battery charger and a carry case.

Saw specification:
  • Oscillating speed: 16000 cpm
  • Battery voltage: 10.8 Vdc
  • Weight with battery: 1050 grams
Battery specification:
  • Capacity: 2600 mAh
CSB-100 De Soutter Battery powered cast saw
(Includes Saw, 2x Batteries, Battery Charger, Blade & Carry Case)
$2,480.00 Call to Order
15020 De Soutter CSB-100 Battery Charger $278.95
15010 De Soutter CSB-100 Battery 10.8 VDC NiMH $344.95
15030 De Soutter CSB-100 Carrying Case $164.95

De Soutter CSP Ultra Quiet Pediatric Cast Saw

De Soutter CSP Ultra Quiet Pediatric Cast Saw Case

De Soutter CSP Ultra Quiet Pediatric Cast Saw
Specifically developed for pediatric use, the Red Dot award winning CSP System is exceptionally quiet and compact minimising patient anxiety. The CSP System offers both battery and mains power options, and lithium ion battery technology provides an unrivalled power to weight ratio.
Saw Features:
  • Soft start feature with noise control helps minimize patient anxiety.
  • Quiet start up
  • Saw activated when pressure applied to cast.
  • Display allows the user to select the optimum cutting speed and view the remaining battery capacity
  • Micro processor controlled voltage booster ensures constant cutting performance – zero deterioration.
  • System comes with both battery and power supply.
  • Cuts windows in casts for open wounds.
  • Can easily trim sharp cast edges.
  • Can be used smoothly over cast angles and bent elbows.
CSP-201-A De Soutter CSP Ultra Quiet Pediatric Cast Saw $4,990.00 Call to Order

Product No. Description Price Add
6230 1 3/4" Circular PTFE Coated (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
6240 2" Circular PTFE Coated (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
6250 2 1/2" Circular PTFE Coated (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
6260 3 1/6" Segmental PTFE Coated (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
1060 3 1/6" Circular PTFE Coated (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
7960 2 1/2" Circular Stainless Steel (pack of 5 blades) $245.00
3950 2 1/2" Circular Titanium Nitride Coated (each) $124.95
7310 2 1/2" Circular Diamond Coated (each) $128.95
7320 3 1/6" Circular Diamond Coated (each) $158.95

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