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Dermatoscopes » DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S
DermLite Lumio S

DermLite Lumio S
Touching the sweet spot

Lumio®S opens a new era in skin diagnostics. With its superb 40 mm lens producing 4x magnification, this innovative device hits the sweet spot between large-area, low magnification viewers and the close quarters of a dermoscopic image. In fact, Lumio S lets you see an area that is 4 times larger than what your dermatoscope provides, while showing lesion structures invisible to the naked eye.

Perhaps most strikingly, Lumio S is entirely controlled by touch. Simply tap & hold to turn on the device, double-tap to change between polarized and non-polarized modes, and a swipe of your finger adjusts the brightness of its powerful bright-white LEDs. This groundbreaking device even remembers your previous setting the next time you pick it up.

The minimalist design of Lumio S is even more functional than cool. A clean, minimalist exterior with only a single USB jack is much easier to keep clean between patients, its ergonomic soft-touch body provides a comfortable, secure grip, and its genuine Corning®Gorilla®Glass top and bottom surfaces are extremely strong and scratch-resistant.

Lumio S may be charged from any USB power source using the included USB cable, or simply placed onto the inductive Charging Pad (sold separately). Not only can the Charging Pad be placed on any desktop, it can even be mounted on a wall.

Key features:
  • Polarized & non-polarized
  • Large field-of-view
  • See lesion structures
  • Touch interface
  • Charge via USB or Charging Pad (sold separately)

LUM-S DermLite Lumio S

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