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Xray Accessories » Xray Patient Positioners

Patient Positioners

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Multi-Strap is a Velcro strap that has the soft side of velcro and the hook side of Velcro affixed back to back. It is as strong as tape but soft to the skin. It is also reusable, radiolucent, and easily applied. It can be cut to any length.
6023 MULTI-STRAP 30ft ROLL X 3" Wide $199.00

Grabber System
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Grabber System
Includes the Unibody Strap and a pair of Grabber Brackets.
7015 Grabber System $165.00

Grabber Brackets
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Grabber Brackets
Our Grabber Brackets will fit any table. They are made of stainless steel and will accommodate any of our 5” wide straps. They are easy to use, quick on and off.
7005 Grabber Bracket Only, 1 pair $109.00

Transfer Board
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Transfer Board
This radiolucent transfer board promotes safe and easy patient transfers. The slippery surface permits easy placement under the patient. With minimal help, you can move the patient from bed to gurney to X-ray table. Leave the unit under the patient during the exam. Can be used in radiology, MRI or CT. 22”W x 72”L. Not Anti-static.
60182 Transfer Board $210.00 Call to Order

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The Pet Transporter provides a safe and secure way to move your patient easily. It consists of fiberglass poles with rubber hand grips, stain-resistant nylon that is reinforced with 2" webbing and adjustable buckles to secure your patient.

When not in use, it can be rolled up or hung for convenient storage.

Available in 2 sizes to accommodate various animals. The height of the small is 53" with a 24" x 42" carrying area. The height of the large is 60" with a 30" x 49" carrying area.

68480 PET TRANSPORTER - Large $119.00 Call to Order

Compression Paddle
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Compression Paddle
Designed for applying compression during G.I. series, the Wolf Compression Paddle is ideal for displacing barium, deflecting an intestinal loop, or applying compression for similar reasons.

The Paddle features a rubber compression bladder, easily inflated by means of a built-in Baumanometer bulb. A metal circle in the bladder ring fluoroscopically indicates the area under compression. Wall mounting bracket is included.

Specifications: 25” L x 6-5/8” W x 5/8” Thick.
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs.
14107 Compression Paddle $229.00
14107-08 Replacement Bladder $80.00
14123 Replacement Bulb $44.00

Arm Support
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Arm Support
This unique support device slips under mattress and patient to hold his/her arms along side while in a prone or supine position. Excellent for use during specials, catheterization and nuclear medicine studies. Clear plastic provides a view of the patient at all times and eliminates the use of adhesive tape, sand bags or straps that obstruct access to the patient.

Sold in pairs — 4 lbs. (11 3/4"L x 12"W)
69210 Arm Support, 1 Pair $129.00

Ureteral Compression Device
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Ureteral Compression Device
The Ureteral Compression Device is used in excretory urography. The belt fits around the waist of the patient so that he may be repositioned quickly for studies at any angle. The belt is 65” long and the plastic plate is sewn into the belt for easy handling. Does not contain latex.
5005 Ureteral Compression Device $239.00

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