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Dermatoscopes ยป DermLite DL1
DermLite I
DermLite I
DermLite I
DermLite I

DermLite 1

iPhone Dermoscopy and much more

Among the many reasons why the first DermLite was such a remarkable solution is its portability and versatility. There was nothing that even came close to its compact, in-the-palm-of-your-hand footprint. Now, more than a decade later, it is time to integrate the innovations that make the top-of-the-line DermLite devices so convenient into a digital dermoscopy solution designed for your smartphone.

To accomplish this feat, the designers squeezed a superb, full-size 15 mm lens that's optimized for iPhone, high-powered LED lighting and a high-performance rechargeable battery into the simply ingenious DL1, an all-aluminum design smaller than your ring finger that lets you capture high-resolution images of excellent clarity and sharpness in both polarized and non-polarized modes, with or without skin contact. Perhaps most importantly, you will be able to use DL1 with an iPhone 5 right out of the box (or with iPhone 4 using an optional adapter, sold separately), and using it with a future generation iPhone will merely require the purchase of an inexpensive DermLite iPhone case (MSRP just $39.95).

If that weren't enough versatility, its battery can be recharged from any USB port or even via your very own Apple charger and, due to its unique lighting angle, it works just as well for ENT exams as it does for dermoscopy.

Each set includes a DermLite DL1 dermatoscope with lithium-ion battery, snap-on polarized spacer, snap-on non-polarized spacer, snap-on polarized pocket clip, glass faceplate with 10mm scale, iPhone 5 snap case, and a USB cable.

The all-new DL1. Highly compressed performance.
  • About the size of a stick of gum
  • Takes superb images with any iPhone 4 or iPhone 5
  • May be used as a stand-alone dermatoscope
  • Clips to your shirt or your iPhone
  • Same lens size as a DL100
  • Cross-polarized and non-polarized modes
  • Glass faceplate with 10 mm scale
  • Recharges from any Mac or PC, or via your Apple charger

DL1 DermLite DL1


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