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Brymill Cryosurgery  ยป Cryosurgery Closed Probes

Brymill Cryosurgery Closed Probes
Closed probes may be used for cutaneous lesions and inside body cavities. They should be selected to fit the size, shape, or section of the lesion to be treated.
All Brymill probes are fully autoclavable.

Brymill Mini Probes
Mini Probes
Mini probes are used to treat eyelid margins, sebaceous hyperplasia, angiomas, lentigines, small flat warts with minimal keratin, trichiasis and lesions near the eyes or in the outer ear canal. They allow excellent visibility and precise control.
Product No. Description Price Add
214-1 1mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-2 2mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-3 3mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-4 4mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-5 5mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-6 6mm Mini Probe $103.00
214-SP Sharp Pointed Mini Probe $103.00

Brymill Conical Probes
Conical Probes
Any of these probes may be inserted into larger or ulcerated lesions, thereby markedly increasing the surface areas of the freeze.
Product No. Description Price Add
216 Sharp-pointed Conical Probe $92.00
203-1 1mm Conical Probe $92.00
203-2 2mm Conical Probe $92.00
203-3 3mm Conical Probe $92.00
203-4 4mm Conical Probe $92.00
203-5 5mm Conical Probe $92.00
203-6 6mm Conical Probe $92.00

Brymill Ball Probes
Ball Probes
Ball probes can be used for ulcerated tumors, large tumors, underlying bony structures or for a domelike symmetrical freeze in soft tissue.
Product No. Description Price Add
201-6 6mm Ball Probe $92.00
201-8 8mm Ball Probe $92.00
201-1 1cm Ball Probe $92.00
201-2 2cm Ball Probe $103.00

Brymill Flat Probes
Flat Probes
The new Gentle Probe has rounded edges and is great for vascular lesions. All flat probes may be pressed against vascular lesions to deepen the freeze, decrease blood flow, and decrease freeze time.
Product No. Description Price Add
205-1 1cm Flat Probe $94.00
205-2 2cm Flat Probe $103.00
205-25 2.5cm Flat Probe $119.00
205-3 3cm Flat Probe $134.00

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