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Brymill Cryosurgery  » Storage Dewars and Accessories
Brymill Storage Dewars and Accessories
Storage and withdrawal equipment have a 12-month warranty.
Brymill Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars
Brymill Storage Dewars
Product No. Size Static Holding Time Weight Empty Weight Full Price Add
501-5 5 Liter 4-5 Weeks 8 lbs. 17 lbs. $657.00 Call to Order
501-10 10 Liter 6-8 Weeks 13 lbs. 30 lbs. $719.00 Call to Order
501-20 20 Liter 8-12 Weeks 9 lbs. 53 lbs. $1,071.00 Call to Order
501-20SC LongLast 20 Liter 220 Days 19 lbs. 53 lbs. $995.00 Call to Order
501-30 30 Liter 14-16 Weeks 26 lbs. 77 lbs. $1,083.00 Call to Order
501-50 50 Liter 14-17 Weeks 34 lbs. 123 lbs. $1,382.00 Call to Order

Brymill Withdrawal Equipment and Accessories
Storage Dewar Withdrawal Tube Withdrawal Tube
Simple and efficient way to extract liquid nitrogen from your storage dewar. Conveniently fills one CRY-AC® unit at a time. Tube is removed from dewar after each use. Offers instant pressurization. Includes a filter that helps clean the LN2 before it is withdrawn.
Product No. Description Price Add
503 Dewar Withdrawal Tube $334.00 Call to Order
please specify dewar manufacturer, model # and capacity.
503-F Replacement Filter for Withdrawal Tube 503 $27.00

Brymill Storage Dewar Withdrawal Device Withdrawal Device
Conveniently fills multiple CRY-AC® units at a time. Device affixes to top of dewar (i.e., is not removed after each use), has a simple on/off switch, and works like a faucet. Includes a filter that helps clean the LN2 before it is withdrawn.
Product No. Description Price Add
502 Dewar Withdrawal Device $498.00 Call to Order
please specify dewar manufacturer, model # and capacity.
502-F Replacement Filter for Withdrawal Device 502-F $27.00

Storage Dewar Roller Base
Brymill Storage Dewar Roller Base Product No. Description Price Add
501-RB-S Recommended for dewars less than 20 liters $293.00 Call to Order
501-RB-L Recommended for dewars 20 liters and over $293.00 Call to Order

Storage Dewar Cover
Brymill Storage Dewar Cover Product No. Description Price Add
501-DC-2 Dewar Cover, 2" $85.00
501-DC-25 Dewar Cover, 2.5" $85.00
501-DC-32 Dewar Cover, 3.2" $85.00

Cryo Gloves
Midarm Length: 14 - 15in.
Recommended to protect people withdrawing or dispensing liquid nitrogen from a storage dewar
Brymill Cryo Gloves Product No. Description Price Add
605-S Cryo Gloves -- Small (size 8) $144.00
605-M Cryo Gloves -- Medium (size 9) $144.00
605-L Cryo Gloves -- Large (size 10) $144.00

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