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Other Cryosurgical Products
Cryosurgical System Cryosurgical System Cryosurgical Ultrafreeze Cryosurgical Ultrafreeze

Cryosurgical Tips/Disposable Plastic Shields
Utilized by the popular LL100 and WA1000B Cryosurgical Systems, these cryotips offer the ultimate in safety and convenience. Disposable shield removes from cryotips and is discarded after each use. This allows cryotips to be sterilized by ETO and autoclave. Now avoid soaking tips which may lead to problems caused by oversoaking, (Oversoaking may lead to tip corrosion.) Shields are renewed with each procedure. They insulate tips and assure proper attachment of tip by serving as a positive stop.
    Reuse Procedure:
  • Remove disposable shield from cryotip and discard.
  • Plug cryotip before cleaning and sterilizing.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Sterilize cryotip by EtO or Autoclave.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions on Autoclave for appropriate sterilization.
  • Attach new disposable plastic shield to the cryotip.
  • Cryotip is now ready to use.
LL100 Cryosurgical Tips Disposable Plastic Shields
Shields are renewed with each procedure. They act as an insulator to prevent the tip from adhering to tissue in unwanted areas. The shield also assures proper attachment of the tip by serving as a positive stop, provided tabs on shield are correctly fitted into grooves on the metal tip.
 Cryosurgical Tips
Image Product No. Product Description Price  
  900221AA Bag of 100 Disposable Plastic Shields $179.00
T-0219 Microderm 900200AA T-0219 Microderm $399.00
T-0219 Cone 900201AA T-0219 Cone $399.00
T-0524 Bevel 900202AA T-0524 Bevel $399.00
T-0519 Condyloma 900203AA T-0519 Condyloma $399.00
T-0832 Procto 900204AA T-0832 Procto $399.00
T-0819 General Purpose 900205AA T-0819 General Purpose $399.00
T-0826 Cone 900206AA T-0826 Cone $399.00
T-0823 Bevel 900207AA T-0823 Bevel $399.00
T-1900 Flat 900208AA T-1900 Flat $399.00
T-1905 Exocervical 900209AA T-1905 Exocervical $399.00
T-1920 Exo-Endocervical 900210AA T-1920 Exo-Endocervical $399.00
T-1910 Exo-Endocervical 900211AA T-1910 Exo-Endocervical $399.00
T-1920 Long Exo-Endocervical 900212AA T-1920 Long Exo-Endocervical $399.00
T-2500 Flat 900213AA T-2500 Flat $399.00
T-2507 Exocervical 900214AA T-2507 Exocervical $399.00
T-2514 Exo-Endocervical 900215AA T-2514 Exo-Endocervical $399.00
T-0832 Procto Curved 900217AA T-0832 Procto Curved $399.00
T-0200 2.5mm HPV 900300AA T-0200 2.5mm $399.00
T-0500 5.0mm HPV 900301AA T-0500 5.0mm $399.00
T-0700 7.0mm HPV 900302AA T-0700 7.0mm $399.00
T-0900 9.0mm HPV 900303AA T-0900 9.0mm $399.00
T-1200 11.7mm HPV 900304AA T-1200 11.7mm $399.00
T-1300 13.5mm HPV 900305AA T-1300 13.5mm $399.00
T-1500 15.0mm HPV 900306AA T-1500 15.0mm $399.00

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