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Veterinary Supplies » Surgical Drapes

Surgical Drapes

Disposable Surgical Drape 40" X 100 Yards
Disposable Surgical Drape Sontara The original Sontara® surgical drape comes on a 39in. x 100-yard roll and has a rich blue color. This disposable surgical drape is made without the use of binders, chemicals, or adhesive, minimizing the potential for contamination. Sontara® surgical drapes are opaque which helps to minimize glare, are strong and tear-resistant, and provide optimal liquid management.

Key Features of this surgical drape are:
  • Low Linting
  • Provide optimal liquid management
  • Soft
  • High strength
MVD40 Disposable Surgical Drape Sontara 39" X 100 Yards

Fenestrated Drapes
Fenestrated Drape Cloth fenestrated drapes made from high quality surgical sheeting with built-in moisture barrier. Drapes are colorfast, washable, autoclavable and come in a choice of sizes.

2020-4 Fenestrated Drape 20"x20" 4"x 3/4" $7.75
3030-2 Fenestrated Drape 30"x30" 2"x 1" $9.50
3030-4 Fenestrated Drape 30"x30" 4"x 3/4" $9.50
3030-7 Fenestrated Drape 30"x30" 7"x 1 1/4" $9.50
4040-4 Fenestrated Drape 40"x40" 4"x 3/4" $11.75
4040-7 Fenestrated Drape 40"x40" 7"x 1 1/4" $11.75
4040-10 Fenestrated Drape 40"x40" 10"x 1 1/4" $11.75

Sterile Veterinary Surgical Drapes
Sterile Veterinary Surgical Drapes Sterile surgical drapes made of SMS non-woven material. Consists of two outer layers of SMS and a middle layer of polypropylene. Outer layers: Cloth-like, yet tough and abrasion-resistant spunbound polypropylene. Inner layer: Intricate web of microfibers filter out many water-based liquids and dry particles.
DR1826 Sterile Veterinary Surgical Drapes 18"X26" (20 count) $19.95
DR4042 Sterile Veterinary Surgical Drapes 40"X42" (15 count) $29.50
DR6080 Sterile Veterinary Surgical Drapes 60"X80" (10 count) $29.50

CSR Wrap
CSR Wrap Our disposable autoclavable wrappers are superior to muslin and are virtually memory free. The natural construction of these disposable wrappers enables the user to wrap continuously without fear of skin sensitization. These products breathe easily and are also highly liquid repellent. Can be used as surgical drape.

1412 CSR Wrap 12” X 12”, 1000/case $59.75 Call to Order
1415 CSR Wrap 15” X 15”, 1000/case $79.75 Call to Order
1418 CSR Wrap 18” X 18”, 1000/case $107.75 Call to Order
1420 CSR Wrap 20” X 20”, 1000/case $129.75 Call to Order
1424 CSR Wrap 24” X 24”, 500/case $94.75 Call to Order
1430 CSR Wrap 30” X 30”, 300/case $87.75 Call to Order
1436 CSR Wrap 36” X 36”, 300/case $119.75 Call to Order
1440 CSR Wrap 40” X 40”, 250/case $119.75 Call to Order
1445 CSR Wrap 45” X 45”, 250/case $154.75 Call to Order
1448 CSR Wrap 48” X 48”, 100/case $182.75 Call to Order
1454 CSR Wrap 54” X 54”, 100/case $99.75 Call to Order

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